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In this 7-session on-demand, self-paced course, Innate Leaders Mindset Consultant Joe Britto helps you explore your worldview and understand how it affects your success and overall happiness.

You’ll learn about the Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset and how to apply them to your challenges to create real, meaningful, and self-sustainable change.

The Mindset Journal helps you navigate the course at your own pace.

What to expect

Before your start: Defining your Challenge

Use the class workbook to define your challenge in a simple statement.  This will help you navigate yourself through the 7 sessions.

Session 1: Seeing your worldview

We don’t see the world as it is. Our worldview is made up of all our experiences to date. That means our way of seeing the world is an interpretation of the world, not the real world. This session draws on the flexibility of mind and genuine curiosity, to explore how we assembled our worldview and how that worldview determines our mindset in life.

Session 2: Understanding your mindset

Now that we understand how worldview works, we draw on enterprise thinking to explore how our worldview impacts on our life: supporting and reinforcing the useful and not useful things we do.

Session 3: Shifting your mindset

We’ll work with you to apply another attribute: mindfulness. We use mindfulness to fully understand the mechanism that keeps unhelpful mindset patterns intact and begin the process of dismantling mindset patterns that don’t help us.

Session 4: Choosing your mindset

Mindsets form over time. And because they form, they can be changed. This session works to help you develop a mindset that helps you achieve the goals you want by finding a new way to see your challenges.

Session 5: Living differently

A shift in thinking is good. A shift in behaviour is better. In this session, we look at the challenges of living the mindset shift that you’ve developed over the course of the program. We’ll encourage you to set a personal challenge to achieve over the coming months.

Session 6: Putting it into practice

Seeing your place in the bigger picture, deciding what you need to focus on: those are just two of the behaviours that make living your personal challenge possible. This session further embeds your shift in perspective and addresses any challenges you may be experiencing living in your new perspective.

Session 7: Looking beyond

Leading yourself in life is an initial process and an on-going decision. This last session is about continuing the journey as you grow yourself and others.

Find inspiration and accountability in our community. It’s easier together, with ‘Leadership for Life’ by Innate Leaders, you’re not alone! 


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